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Crown + Flint is a new app aimed at analog photographers who want to keep better track of their shots, their film, and their equipment. Unlike digital cameras which add tons of metadata to each shot, analog photographers have to rely on taking notes if they want that information. Crown + Flint combines metadata collection with a highly accurate digital light meter to make data collection as easy as metering a scene. Crown + Flint has a carefully designed user interface aimed at minimizing the amount of time you spend with it, and maximizing your time behind the camera.

Collecting metadata helps improve your skills with your equipment. Never wonder which lens, aperture, or shutter speed you used to capture an image. Develop an appreciation for your gear's capabilities and weaknesses. Learn which gear is really your favorite, which works best in various circumstances, and which is letting you down.

Crown + Flint is also your home for managing your collection of film—add rolls as you purchase them, then track them as you load them into cameras, or send them off for development. And because Crown + Flint captures reference images for each shot, it's easy to correlate the digital information with the physical negative or slide.

There's more. Manage your library of gear with Crown + Flint. Keep detailed notes on your bodies and lenses, including technical capabilities, serial numbers, and more. Crown + Flint uses this information to ensure metadata collection is as accurate and thorough as with a digital camera.

And of course, everything can be exported to your desktop computer. Crown + Flint produces data files compatible with ExifTool so you can add shot metadata as EXIF information to your digital scans, with more integrations on the way.

Follow Crown + Flint on Instagram for the latest updates, or join the Crown + Flint community on Discord to meet other analog photographers and get help with the app.

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